Hey - I’m Casey Juanxi Li.

I am a software engineer and data scientist with a machine learning background. I write and I self-teach psychology.

The above are all means to an end: I like understanding problems, and building useful tools to solve them.

If you categorize a person based on:

  • Beliefs:
    • I like software as a medium because it has so few gatekeepers.
    • I like open, permissionless markets that directly connect consumers and producers, while maintaining an open record for reputation. I think this is the best way to encourage meritocracy and reduce nonsense.
    • It’s hard to construct such markets, so we rely on relationships instead to provide trust and information.
    • More? Check out the Thinking section.
  • Something else? I’m curious. Feel free to drop a message: casey(at)cs.toronto.edu

I am Canadian and currently live in Toronto. I also spend some time in London, UK.